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Petroleum Education Council (PEC)

Certification is issued upon successful completion of the course.  Students will receive a PEC card.  This card reflects the PEC course requirements the student has taken.  Employers may verify student training on the PEC card or online at

PEC Safeland Basic Orientation:

Designed to take the place of multiple Operator orientations, this course gives students a general idea of health and safety issues in the oil and gas industry.  This one-day orientation provides a basic awareness level of general safety information that employees should know before entering a company facility and while performing their assigned work duties.  

This is an orientation class and does not meet safety training requirements.

PEC H2S Clear:

This course is designed to improve employee safety for general industry workers who may potentially be exposed to hydrogen sulfide in the workplace.  This class meets revised standards set forth in the ANSI/ASSE Z390.1–2017.  PEC H2S Clear will provide students with crucial knowledge of the dangers of H2S and the precautions, tools and controls necessary when working in potential H2S environments.

PEC Basic Pipeline:

A one-day orientation that meets SafeLandUSA, Kinder Morgan and Colonial Pipeline Midstream Training Qualifications (MSTQ) requirements, and the Gold Shovel Standard certification.  Basic Pipeline provides general safety information that workers need to know before entering a company’s facility. 

Students will learn about hazards they may encounter in the pipeline industry.  Students will also gain an understanding of their rights under OSHA and how those rights apply to their workplace.

This is an orientation class and does not meet safety training requirements.

PEC Core Compliance 3 Day Training:

Core Compliance covers over 40 of the most requested health, safety, and environmental (HSE) topics.  The course meets full training in 29 HSE topics while meeting awareness level in an additional 15 topics.  

Accredited by both SafeLandUSA and SafeGulf, this course has an annual refresher to keep student certifications up to date.

For additional information or for a full list of course components covered in the above classes, please go to or contact IST at 307-789-5742 ext. 113.