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Mine Safety & Health Organization (MSHA):

Federal law requires that all new miners must receive 24 hours of training before working at a surface mine and annual refresher training every year after that.

The goal of IST’s MSHA’s classes is to provide awareness and understanding of the different types of mining conditions and different types of mines that can endanger miners health and safety.  Industrial Safety Training provides the required training for students who will be entering the mining industry.  IST’s approved MSHA plan gives students an overall understanding of mining hazards and safe workplace practices. Students will receive their 5000-23 form upon successful completion of training.


MSHA reports that 27 mining fatalities occurred in 2018.  The second lowest number ever recorded.

There are 13,200 mines throughout the United States.

  • Surface Mines:  18 fatalities
  • Underground Mines:  9 fatalities


MSHA PART 48 Subpart B
Coal & Metal Non-Metal Approved

8 Hour Refresher Surface

24 Hour Newly Employed Surface

Newly Employed Experienced New Miner Surface

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For Coal certification that is not currently scheduled, two weeks notice must be given to MSHA in advance per MSHA regulations.

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